Friday, July 29, 2011

Let the Adventure Begin

This morning we woke up at 6am (I actually woke up at 4am) quickly got our things together and headed out for breakfast. We met my parents and Will’s parents at Panera so we could eat together and say our goodbyes there. We figured we needed the airport to be an exciting place full of focus instead of being traumatic for everyone. Our missions pastor, Johnathan Todd, picked us up at Panera to take us to the airport. There were lots of tears from family, but more a feeling of excitement full of encouraging words. It was a perfect way to leave.

We had heard that the check-in counter workers at the airport can waive whatever fees they want, so we decided to go for the sympathy card with all our suitcases and small children with us. The lady checking us in definitely felt sorry for us and asked her supervisor if we had to pay for all the extra suitcases. I held my breath in anticipation…her supervisor asked if we were military and Will said no that we were missionaries. As soon as she asked, “what’s a missionary?” I knew all hope was lost. We paid the full amount and went on our way. We were praying for a nice check-in lady to waive our fees, but I guess we forgot to pray for her to actually have some authority to do something about it! I kid, I kid.

When we got to our gate with 4 carry-on suitcases, 4 backpacks, my purse and 2 pillow pets I wasn’t real sure how we were going to actually carry all this stuff on to the plane in Memphis, through the Atlanta airport for a few hours and on to the plane in Miami. I just figured that I would be a bit difficult and we would eventually make it through. Right when we sat down at our gate, someone came over the speaker saying “If anyone has carry-on luggage they would like to put under the plane, you can bring it all up here to the desk and we will check it for free all the way to your destination”. Will and I don’t fly much and this may happen all the time, but we were thrilled. So we left Memphis with only our backpacks and it was a great feeling…oh, and the two pillow pets. Those things are nasty now by the way…been on every airport floor, drug through bathrooms, slept on in hotels and homes and airplanes. Don’t worry…I will wash them soon and no one has gotten sick yet from pillow pet germs.

We know people are praying for us…it is felt in every way and with every detail. God is good.

Jack's first plane ride!

He was so excited and loved it

Then he passed out. Lucky guy slept the whole ride from Atlanta to Miami on the nasty pillow pet


Our families wanted to host a going away party for us before we left for Costa Rica. We decided that the night before we left we wouldn't be sleeping anyway, so might as well see everyone we love. I compared it to the night before you have a know it's coming...and you won't be sleeping might as well be doing something fun to take your mind off of it. There was an open house at my parents house from 6:30-9:30 for people to come by and say goodbye. We were told that in Spanish a farewell party is called a despedida. It was completely amazing! We had a guest book by the front door and we counted about 250 names. It was a perfect sendoff and the love and encouragement we got that night will last us a long time.