Sunday, December 4, 2011

Teaching ESL Class

This first trimester of school is a tough one for adjustments. Will and I decided quickly that Emma would be involved in one activity and we might look for one ministry opportunity for ourselves outside of school. Our world is quite the bubble right now just going to classes and hanging out with gringos all the time (since we can't speak Spanish). We had a chance to teach ESL (English as a second language) classes together at a ministry house around the corner and we took it. Will and I taught the advanced ESL class at the AMCA house (Asociacion de Ministerios Cristianos) and we had a great time. Our class was really fun and it was great getting to know some Costa Ricans. We had anywhere from 10-15 people in our class each week for 7 weeks. The schedule was this: 45 minute session, 15 minute cafecito break with a speaker sharing the Gospel in Spanish, then another 45 minutes session. Each student only had to pay 2000 colones for the whole 7 weeks (around $4).
Me teaching class

Will teaching class

Making up English sentences to put a random funny story together. Trying to teach a consistent pattern for past tense. It's hard to teach English Grammar! Especially when we had to make up our material for class each week. I think it went well though.

With one of our students, Alex

Cafecito break time. I think there were a total of around 100 people who took English classes this time. And they all heard the Gospel every week. Will and I had many chances to talk with people and form relationships during these classes. What a neat opportunity.

Graduation night with our class

Emma also went to Bible Drill at the AMCA house these past few months. Brought back many memories from my old Bible Drill Days at Kirby Woods. I had to include their crazy picture on fun night.

And on another random note, here are Emma and Ashlyn on Twins Day at school. Aren't they cute?