Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Emma Turns 8

I realize that I'm falling way behind in blogging, but I promise I'm going to catch up!

We had Emma's 8th birthday party on March 10th right before our huge string of visitors started coming. Her actual birthday is March 15th, and she was wanting a Webkinz birthday party. Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am a very non-creative type and I usually like to have birthday parties away from my house where others can do all the planning. But this year I was going to attempt this.

When I was thinking about plans, I had no idea that I would have the worst day of pregnancy on the day of Emma's party. I seriously felt horrible and wasn't sure how I would make it through the day. This is when Will and my friend, Claudia, really came through for me!

Will made this awesome cake for Emma. She loved it and I have a feeling he will be making birthday cakes for us from now on. We have a horrible oven though, so he had to bake it at a friend's house then bring it home to decorate it. He wanted to do the old-school icing and it was so good!

Emma's a big fan of peace signs and strawberries

Will decorating her cake

I had to include a picture with my friend Claudia. She saved my life this day. She used to work in childrens ministry in Canada so she planned all the Webkinz games and activities. I couldn't have done it without her!

When the girls first arrived, I braided their hair...cause it's fun

Next they decorated headbands to take home with them. Party favor? Check! You like my balloon decorations on the table? lame

Next they played "find the webkinz". Claudia made "wanted" posters for all of Emma's webkinz with different points assigned to each of them. The harder the webkinz was to find, the more points they got. We divided them up into two teams and they were off!

They found them all and had the best time. It was really funny how into it they were. At one point, Emma looked at me and said "Mom this is the funnest party ever"...whew

Then we played "webkinz memory"

We lined up all animals on the upstairs ledge and they had to remember what order they're in

The team that remembered the most correctly got some points

After they played "webkinz hot potato/musical chairs". A very fun & easy game

Then it was time for cake!

Look how big she is
Family picture

Opening presents!

Finally they played a game that Will & Jack made up. The girls went to the outside balcony and threw water balloons on Will & Jack down below. 

Each girl got 2 balloons to throw and it was a definite hit! Who doesn't like to throw water balloons on people who can't fight back?

The girls...Emme, Isabella, Emma, Bethany, Olivia and Ashlyn

What a great 8th birthday!

Emma we are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. Daddy and I always talk about how you are truly the kindest person that we know. You always think of others above yourself and you have a keen awareness of other people's feelings. You love life, having fun, being goofy and acting silly. You truly love your brother like nothing I have ever seen. I love how you always think of him when you get little items in Sunday School or other classes and ask for an extra one for him. You are so smart and super brave to be going to a brand new school all by yourself across town in a foreign language. You have never cried about it and look forward to each day. You inspire me to be better in my language learning as well! We love you so much Emma and hope you love being 8 years old. We are so blessed and honored to have you as our daughter.
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