Sunday, February 26, 2012

LAM Retreat

The weekend of February 17-19, our family went on a retreat with other LAM missionaries in Costa Rica and some people from the home office in Miami. It was a great weekend of relaxing and meeting other missionaries we didn't know before. Most couples with LAM are a whole lot older than us and very few had young children. However, LAM thought it was important to have something special for our kids to do so the parents could rest. A children's church team of 6 from Pennsylvania flew in to have an extreme vbs-type program every minute of the weekend. What a great time for us adults to relax while our kids had a blast! It was so special and meant so much to us for our kids to have Bible stories and songs in English and to have people pour their lives into them. They even had special gift bags for each kid that was unique to each one. We filled out a form about our children about a month ago, and a person in their church was assigned one kid to buy things for. Emma and Jack were blown away when they saw Angry Birds stickers, balloons, baseball things, Blow Pops, a purse, jump rope and many other special things just for them. They said it was the best weekend ever. We loved having time to get to know everyone in the LAM family and their ministries.

View from the retreat center. It was only about a 20 minute drive from our house, but took 2 hours to get there because of Friday afternoon traffic.

A bunch of "old" LAM missionaries :)

Hello Gault's...they're not old :) that they live around the corner from us

Emma and me outside the children's church room

A special world yo-yo they were each given

Children's pastor Terry Allison - his team did an excellent job!
Bible story time

Craft time

Slip and slide with baby shampoo

They loved it!

Traditional soccer game...young & old guys & girls out there

I had to include a lot of pictures of Will playing soccer. He's never played before and just figured the rules are probably similar to basketball and went with it. He did such a great job!

Will vs. Noah...getting a cramp...teasing a young guy

He was a whole lot slower getting up than he used to be. I drugged him with Tylenol for days after this game.

This is Bob. He is 75. He is the grandaddy of christian camping ministry. He was the goalie against Will. Will never got the ball past him!

The soccer group

Monday, February 20, 2012

La Cumbre Family Camp

Back in February, our family went to a camp at La Cumbre which is an adventure camp up in the cloud forest. It was a bilingual camp full of games and family activities for us to do together. It was rather cold with no heat anywhere except a fireplace in the lodge and we about froze at night. But the kids loved running around and playing outside!

Freezing cold river, but the kids didn't care
Giant rock for climbing
lodge where our meetings were held
family games
more climbing
emma was ready for the next game!
emma and jack playing panty hose ball
our family went on a little adventure hike
emma rock climbing
jack rock climbing
they both made it to the top of the highest climbing wall in central america!
will playing the water jug at the evening worship time
more ropes courses
beautiful views
we had to make a family shield that represents our family. we are quite creatively challenged, but we did our best

ahhhh, the fireplace
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Interviews


What is your name? Jack my man
How old are you? 5
What is your favorite color? Green & Black
Who is your best friend? Wesley
Favorite Animal? Snake & Monkey & Bear & Tiger & Crocodile
What do you want to be when you're all grown up? A Climber & A Spy Kid
Favorite movie? Spy Kids
Favorite book? Skippy Jon Jones
What makes you happy? Emma & Mommy & Daddy
What makes you sad? Somebody being mean to me & pushing me
Favorite food? Krusteaz (brand of pancakes)
Favorite song? Amazing Grace
Favorite game? Hide & Go Seek


What is your name? Emi
How old are you? 7
What is your favorite color? Cornflower blue
Who is your best friend? Olivia
Favorite Animal? Bulldog, French Poodle, Toy Poodle, Horses
What do you want to be when you're all grown up? Construction worker
Favorite movie? Princess Diaries & Princess Diaries 2
Favorite book? Ramona & Beezus
What makes you happy? Jack, Mommy & Daddy
What makes you sad? If somebody hurts my brother
Favorite food? Spaghetti
Favorite song? Con Todo Dios
Favorite game? Playing monkeys