Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is waiting on me....

But I'm a huge procrastinator. So I'd rather look through pictures and blog about them. Will and I both say that we actually do better under the pressure of procrastination, so I'm gonna bank on that. Moving internationally with only suitcases is a strange thing. There is no organized way to do it because of evenly distributing weight and breakables. That annoys I procrastinate.

Here's some more pics from life lately:

My girls hanging on the balcony. Ally chilling in her diaper, and Emma memorizing multiplication flash cards. Life as it should be.

Boys night watching Kickboxer. Jack wants to be a "karate man" when he grows up. And I think he wants to be just like his daddy...which is fine with me.

We finally found some good steaks here and they're cheap! We're assuming they're so cheap because Costa Ricans don't eat them. They only like thin slices of meat because the thick stuff will give you heart problems (they're probably right). These are rib-eyes from Pricemart called "Delmonicos" and Will has made them constantly these past two months.

Finally getting a little bit of chunk on her

Crazy kids playing on the jeep

My little peanut. I like to hold her constantly and she doesn't seem to mind.

Will and his Guatemalan friend Carlos

Ivonne has been making Ally all kinds of crazy foods. Here is a Nanpi and a Camote. Ally loves all the Costa Rican food so I'm hoping I can find some of these things in the States.

Will says I've gone granola with cloth diapers and making my own baby food. I have to say that I really like both! Here is a picture of us making bananas. Super cheap and super good!

And this post wouldn't be complete without talking about all our leaks in our house. We live in an old place with really old pipes. We noticed something was wrong when we got a $300 water bill that month! This was a huge leak underground in the back of our house in some huge storage well. They drained the water and repaired the leaking pipe. Luckily Acuaductos did adjust the bill for us.

And this was last week. Another little tiny hole popped in the pipe that connects the toilet to the wall in our front bathroom. Came downstairs to standing water once again. It's a good thing that plumbers work all day every day here and labor is inexpensive.

We're going to miss Ivonne terribly. She has been such an indescribable blessing to us.

We love her so much

My favorite spot

Friends at the park

Turns out one picture was taken from our last vacation. Emma in the pool...por supuesto.

The kids received a care package full of markers. Jack asked if Emma could draw on his face while we were cooking dinner. I was thinking a dragon on his cheek or something...nope. Luckily they are washable markers.

Such a cute picture from back in October. When Ally was born, Cynthia took the kids to Danny's basketball tournament every day that week. They loved cheering on MBS and even got tshirts and poms. Thank you Gault family for constantly loving on our kids!

Emma at the end of 3rd grade. She read and completed every single one of these books this year in homeschool. That's 3 boxes and a bag full...impressive. We are so proud of her and what all she's accomplished this year. Ready for 4th grade!

Lightning struck our phone one day and we dug this gem out of the closet. Emma had to have a tutorial on how to use it and she thought it was so cool that she had to sit on the kitchen stool to talk on it. The cord was confusing as well as her search for the on/off button.

So this happened on our street at midnight the other night

Drums, costumes, shouting and dancing

And a few nights later this happened. The police were at our door wanting to talk to us. They asked if we reported a robbery of our house. Nope (hence the problem with no street names or house numbers). So they quickly jumped in their cars and sped away to the next street over. It's never boring living in the Dos.

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