Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jack's School Routine

My little boy is getting so big, and I have to brag on him. He is about to finish his kindergarten year here in Costa Rica and he has learned so much. He's doing great with both reading and math and he has loved every minute of school. He has never ever complained about going. Not one day. And I want to write about his morning routine....it's pretty impressive.

His alarm goes off every morning at 6:40. This also wakes me up and I hear him get up and go turn off the alarm. He goes into the bathroom, turns on the shower, takes a shower, dries himself off and gets dressed in his uniform that I lay out for him the night before. By this time I'm up as well and we go downstairs together. He sits at the kitchen table while I make his oatmeal, pack his lunch and sign forms in his backpack. Emma usually joins him by now and they watch a show together on her Kindle at the table. I go and get Ally at that point to give her a bottle and settle in in the den. I call into the kitchen at 7:15 and tell him to go brush his teeth. He goes upstairs, wakes up Will, brushes his teeth and brings me his shoes. I put his shoes on him (we've got to teach him to tie shoes), he gives Ally and me a kiss, he grabs his backpack by the door, and Will walks him to school.

Will took pictures one morning of them walking together to school. Jack has begged several times to just let him walk from our house to school all by himself, but this wouldn't be wise. I totally think Jack could do it, but there is a crazy street to cross that daily makes me nervous. His school is maybe a 2 minute walk from our house. That has been so nice.

Jack grabs the keys and opens the gate for Will and him

Marching down the sidewalk with his big bag. He's had that bag since preschool.

My little man

The crazy street to cross. They do not slow down for pedestrians here.

Will stops at the corner, Jack meets up with his friend, and they run to class together. The white wall with razor wire around the top is the back gate to his school. Will can watch him run up the sidewalk and into the gate from the corner. I can't believe my little guy is about to finish kindergarten. We were hoping for a graduation, but they decided to cancel it this year. Don't know why...they just did. Things like that happen around here all the time and I can't get uptight about it. It makes me a little sad though. We actually made our moving date after this supposed graduation day, but oh well. They will have an end-of-the-year party on Thursday that I'm sure Jack will like much better.

First grade here we come!

First day of kindergarten

Last day of kindergarten

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